-Armada de Britannia-

 What is Armada de Britannia

ARMDA is a community that extends into all WG products and is reviving it’s Blitz division of the community. The name "Armada de Britannia", is inspired by the mighty naval forces of Great Britain that was known for centuries. There are anime inspirations here as well, such as "Arpeggio of Blue SteelCode GeassKancolle, and Girls Und Panzer." We like anime! We are inspired by the incredible history revolving around Britannia and seek to be as mighty in all communities.


We strive to improve, division, communicate and to dominate. If you are weary of the snotty or arrogance of some that pride themselves as being top in their stats, you won’t find that kind of attitude here. We strive to achieve excellence in our stats; however, we are not going to let it get to our heads and create a toxic atmosphere on or off the battlefield. We will keep our composure and obliterate our opponents, respectfully. We are committed to reaching new heights with the use of optimal communications. Additionally, you get a fancy forum signature! 


ARMDA member expectations and recruitment can be found on our Discord, the purpose of which is to provide opportunities for our clan members to communicate more efficiently and to get acquainted with anyone who joins in! We also welcome any World of Warships players, as this server is also a place where we can meet new division mates! 


 Armada de Britannia [ARMDA] Server: https://discord.gg/SqDZXKY