Gunpowder and Oil

Wed 1st Feb 2017 - 6:56am : General

Gunpowder and Oil 

Chapter 1

Written by Bronyman50

Edited by Armada Joint Writing Staff (AJWS)


An alarm beeps inside of a dark room, as a pile of blankets shifted to turn it off. “Oh come on, I swear I just fell asleep,” said Jeremy. “Ugh, what I would do for a cup of coffee,” grumbled Jeremy. Suddenly a shock jolted his senses “Aw man, I have a meeting with some group in an hour!” he cried as he clambered out of bed.

 Now you’re probably wondering who Jeremy is. Let’s have a quick brush up Jeremy Verstand, Middle aged, fresh from College with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Hmm, looks like he’s far from home. Oh, yeah and he’s the CEO of AG Workshop, let’s not forgot about that. Relatively new in the Armor Maintenance and Restoration, ARM for short. His company is new as well, less than a year old. However, they have some of the most promising employees this generation.

“Oh come on, you’re telling me “Past Me” forgot to dry his clothes. Man, I’m hating “Past Me” more and more, the lazy scumbag”, cried Jeremy. Jeremy scrambled as he tried to put on a pair of dirty jeans, failing to realize they were backward. Jeremy ran by his coffee machine, almost spilling the grounds in his rush. He grabbed an old shirt and jacket on the dinner table and nearly ripping them in his rush. Grabbing his bag, he stuffed it with his laptop and several papers with varying levels of importance. Behind him the coffee machine beeped, adding to Jeremy’s list of things he needed to do. Grabbing the nearest thermos, and pouring a healthy amount of coffee into it, he quickly dashed out the door. Only to open it again to grab his penny board and car keys.

Running through the parking lot towards a large warehouse, Jeremy was barely on time. “Morning sir!”, cried Gracie as Jeremy barged through the door “Everyone has already arrived and are already working on their assignments for the week.”  “Good job Gracie, I can always count on you to keep an eye on things for me”, he shouted as he pressed his wallet against a card reader to open the door to the work floor. Jeremy stopped and placed his penny board down, quickly rolling away on top of it. The warehouse, despite looking small on the outside is anything but inside. Originally an open floor, sized around 3500 by 2700 feet with the occasional pillar was now covered by several things. One of which was a tank engine that he could see as he rolled up to a station. “Johnathan, how far are you on the engine repair?”. “Not far, boss.” A cry rang out from underneath the machinery. “The pistons are jammed and I’m having a bastard of a time trying to pry them out”, cried Johnathan. Johnathan was a relatively new hire, who was there to spread out some of the more demanding work, but over the last month, he has proven himself capable of Jeremy’s demands. Johnathan, while not as skilled, shows lots of desire to improve himself. “The piston will want to work eventually, ask Ramsey to help you pry it out if you need to”, said Jeremy as he went over to the neighboring lot.

Samantha the head electrician, well the only electrician, was working on a series of floodlights. She was trying to hook them to an M5A1 Stuart that recently came in for a full rewiring. Assisting her was Riley, our research and part finder expert. Riley, while not specialized in any particular field, proved useful when specific blueprints or parts were in demand or not easily accessible. Further down were 4 more lots, one belonging to David our Hydraulics Expert, another to Geoff the main repairman, and a third to his accomplice Ramsey. All 3 were from the esteemed Royal Engineers, and likewise, all 3 were discharged for “Recklessness”. What the MPs didn’t understand was that it was either to blow the tracks off or have the suspension of a Challenger 2, some hapless mechanic, be over-tensioned. I don’t know about you but it’s like having an over inflated tire. Which is never good for an over 50-ton machine. In the last and biggest lot was Jenifer, commonly referred to as “Jen”. Jen was a small and meek person, with a variety of social problems ranging from awkwardness to full-blown anxiety attacks. What wasn’t expected of her was her unusual knack for dismantling, repairing, and general work with cannons and machine guns. In her lot were at least 3 cannons and 5 machine guns at any time. It wasn’t uncommon for Jen’s lot to have enough ordnance to make Fort Knox blush.  Past the 6 working lots, were 2 storage lots, a Rec Area which doubled as a loading area. The last lot belonged to Jeremy. Which served as his office, boardroom, and the sleeping area for the overnight workers.

            Quickly opening the door to his office, Jeremy set his items down on a cot. He did his best to straighten his shirt and hair and turned on the TV on the wall. “Gracie, would you kindly patch the group in”, he asked into an intercom. Shortly afterward the TV started to play a group of people who were dressed as shabby as himself.

“Mr. Verstand, thank you for accepting to our video conference today. We have several things to talk about”, said the leader of the group of 5. “Make it quick guys, I haven’t had my coffee yet”, Jeremy mused as he took a sip of his coffee. “Long story short, Mr. Verstand, we want you to be our support team for the Ballad of Steel. We are a team who are-,” Jeremy didn’t get to hear the rest of the man’s spiel since he spat out his coffee in surprise. “YOU WHAT’, he shouted as he stood up shaking his arms to remove the coffee from them. “Oh? It’s simple. We, the team, want you, the company, to provide support, as in vehicle maintenance, in The Ballad of Steel”. “Yeah I got that, but why us,” Jeremy asked. “Because we saw you with the most promise out of all the other companies, also because you were the cheapest”. “I see your priorities are in order, I guess as a representative of AG Workshop, we accept your offer”, replied Jeremy as calm as he could. Which is not easy with the amount of joy coursing through him. “Great, welcome to SolLeo. Also, the name is Ethan. If you need to contact us, feel free. And we will be sending you the location of our tank soon”, said Ethan. Quizzically, Jeremy asked, “What do you mean, the location.” “Well you see we haven’t really got a tank prepped already, we were kind of expecting you to get it ready for us”. “Ugh, one second. Hey, guys get the M25 Transporter, and the M74 ARV ready. We got a house call, I’ll explain along the way” Jeremy shouted over the intercom system. “Alright, so where can we find your tank?”





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