Battleship Tirpitz

Thu 23rd Mar 2017 - 7:19pm : Gaming

Part one: Historical Overview


Battleship Tirpitz was launched in 1939 on the first of April, she was not commissioned until 25 February, 1941 however. Her career was mostly an uneventful one, beginning in the baltic sea and ending with her unfortunate demise in the fjords of Norway. I could go into lots of historical detail about her service life but that is for another article that I'll happily write upon request. Now for the technical data, the numbers of this beast if you will.

Tirpitz weighed in at 43,900 metric tons standard load and 53,500 metric tons full load, she was 253.6 meters long with a beam of 36 meters. Her maximum draft was 10.61 meters with a depth of 15 meters. She was heavily armoured with a 315mm main belt, 130-360mm on the turrets, 50-80mm upper deck, an armoured deck below that of 80-120mm of additional plating, 220-350mm around the conning tower, and finally a 45mm torpedo bulkhead. She was quite well armed with eight 38cm SK C/34 guns in four dual turrets, twelve 15cm SK C/28 guns in six dual turrets, sixteen 10.5cm SK C/33 dual purpose guns in eight dual mounts, sixteen 3.7cm SK C/30 anti aircraft guns in eight double mounts, twenty single mounted 2cm anti aircraft guns (increased to 78 in 1944), and finally eight 53.3cm torpedo tubes in two quadruple mounts, one on each side of the ship. She carried four Arado ar 196 seaplanes, and was equipped with radar throughout her service life. She was able to reach a top speed of 30.8 knots powered by twelve Wagner boilers and three Brown Boveri turbine sets generating 163,026 hp.


Part two: In Game Overview






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