Tank Review: Black Prince. The British Steel Wall.

Fri 27th Jan 2017 - 9:29pm : Gaming

The A43 Black Prince is the successor to a series of legendary tanks, but in World of Tanks: Blitz, many players do not know how to correctly use this vehicle. Operating this vehicle effectively on the battlefield may prove to be difficult. The armor is not sloped, it has poor mobility for a tank battle, and has low alpha damage coupled with the lowest penetration among all Tier VII heavy tanks. If you want to let this tank be a true prince on the battlefield and lead you to victory, follow some of the suggestions in this review. If you do not like this tank's play style and have some problems taking out this heavily armored British tank, then this article will tell you how to send enemies back to garage effectively.

The A43 Black Prince is famous for its armor, which in game, is arguably the best among all Tier VII heavy tanks. The A43 has 152mm of frontal hull armor, 95mm at the side, and 25mm rear armor. The tank's armor allows it to side scrape in almost any urban environment and not have to worry about tanks with less than 150mm of penetration on their standard shells. The Black Prince also has a well-protected turret, with at least 152mm of armor forward, 95mm along the sides and rear, and at least 200mm covering most of the gun mantlet. Some sections of its armor can even bounce a 300mm penetrating shell.

Poor mobility, which starts from the Tier IV in the British heavy tank line, is the biggest complaint among all players. The Black Prince has a power to weight ratio of about 12 horsepower per ton. This is pretty decent for a Tier VII heavy tanks, but due to its classification as an infantry tank, it has a top speed of 20km/h forward and 12km/h backward, but you can always keep your speed around 18km/h if you are using the top engine on this tank. The A43 also lacks in traverse speed allowing most light and medium tanks to easily encircle it. If you use the gasoline on the Black Prince, this issue improves slightly.

The British 17Pdr. gun is famous for its accuracy and penetration. In Tier VII, compared to the 8.8cm K.w.K.43 L/71 and the 122mm D-25T, it is not the best gun, but it is a gun which can rain lead on its enemies. With only 171mm of penetration on its standard shell, the A53 will struggle against the heavy tanks of its tier but will perform decently against most other tanks with the exception of the Porsche Tiger. Additionally, the tank comes with an APCR shell rated up to 239mm of penetration which will allow it to perform well in Tier VIII battles. With a properly upkeep crew and use of the Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer and Improved Ventilations Class III, the Black Prince has excellent DPM among Tier VII heavy tanks. It average DPM is around 2,250, only 100 less than that of the Tiger I. The Black Prince can also use a Vertical Stabilizer MK.II to further improve the gun handling to a level that instills fear in your enemies. It is also accurate enough to hit other tank's cupola during long range engagements.


Basic Stats:


Hit Points: 1450

Hull Armor: 152/95/25

Turret Armor: 152/95/95


Rate of Fire: 11.67

Penetration: 171/239/20

Alpha Damage: 160/160/200

Aim Time: 2.3s

Dispersion: 0.34


Top Speed Limit (Forward/Backward): 20km/h, 12km/h

Hull Traverse Speed: 17°/s

Turret Traverse Speed: 20°/s



Good frontal and side armor

Good gun handling

8 degrees of gun depression

A quick-firing gun and good DPM



Low alpha damage

Bad mobility

Bad traverse speed

Thin rear hull armor


Recommended Equipment:

Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer; (In order to further increase DPM and decrease reload time.)

Vertical Stabilizer Mk.2; (Further improve the gun handling.)

Improved Ventilation Class 3. (If you make the crew feel comfortable, they will perform better on the battlefield.)


Recommended Provisions:

Pudding and Tea; (To feed the crew is the commander's duty.)

Black Tea; (Every British should have tea time.)

Improved Fuel. (Because of the low top speed, so there is no need for double fuel.)


Recommended Tactics:

Due to the tank's low mobility, you should plan your movements before the battle begins to ensure that you will arrive in an effective position in time. The low alpha damage means you cannot trade shots, but can put shell after shell into enemy tanks. Remember, your armor can protect you from most of the lower and equal tier vehicles' standard AP shells except tank destroyers. This is how you play the Black Prince.


How to take out the Black Prince: 

Most of the light and medium tanks can use their mobility to circle the Black Prince and easily disable it. Heavy tanks with high alpha damage but low DPM, such as an IS-2, will likely have to trade shots and use cover to take out the Black Prince. About the tank destroyer, well... you are a tank destroyer. Use your powerful gun and trade shots, or just out-DPM the Black Prince. A sneaky play style can make you invisible on the battlefield.


Black Prince's Armor Profile.




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